The 5 Best Restaurants in Lisbon

By Lauren Jade Hill

Combining tradition with vibrant contemporary culture, Lisbon has become increasingly enticing to international travelers in recent years. Not only does it offer an insight into traditional Portuguese culture; it also welcomes visitors in to experience its burgeoning arts scene and gastronomy. We uncover the five best restaurants in Lisbon, in which each one’s Michelin starred chef is creating a menu that’s new and exciting.


The only restaurant in Lisbon to have been awarded two Michelin stars, Belcanto consistently ranks alongside the world’s top restaurants. In a contemporary, wood-panelled dining space in Lisbon’s historic center, guests are presented the modern Portuguese cuisine of chef Jose Avillez. Taking diners on a gastronomic and sensory journey, Avillez revisits classic Portuguese specialties and transforms them into something unique. A series of tasting menus, including the Evolution Menu, introduce diners to new flavors, textures, ideas and sensations, and come paired with wines from a collection that’s 80 percent Portuguese.