The 5 Best Restaurants in Bogota

If Colombia’s capital Bogota isn’t already on your list of gastronomic destinations that’s about to change; the high altitude city is filled with noteworthy dining venues that are transforming the image of Colombian cuisine. We take a look at five of the best restaurants in Bogota, which together lead the way in this evolving food scene.

Harry Sasson

Best Restaurants in Bogota

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Widely considered to be one of Latin America’s best restaurants, Harry Sasson stands out for its unique fusion of international cuisine, taking inspiration from across Asia and Europe, as well as Latin American. The chef this restaurant takes its name from has a number of dining spots across the country, including Club Colombia, but this is the one that best represents his culinary expertise. While the food here is diverse in style, the menu encompasses a number of local favorites like empanadas and wood-roasted meats. These dishes can be paired with wines from an exceptionally extensive menu of labels from around the world.