Victor Jets Announces First Ever Loyalty Scheme

14th June 2018 // By Arun Kakar

The ‘Uber of private jets’ has launched the industry’s first ever points-based frequent fliers program, providing a ‘uniquely rewarding experience’ for regular in-demand charter.

Victor Jets’ charter platform will allow customers to earn points from their flights on its ‘Alto’ program, which can be redeemed to offset the pricing of future flights. The company has invested over $800,000 on frequent flying customers over the last twelve months of flights, and will aim to give tens of millions of dollars’ worth of Alto points over the next five years.

“In Alto we have listened to our customers and given them what they want – a smart, effortless and totally unique frequent-flyer rewards program that delivers fliers even greater control of their travel and helps ensure that they make the absolute most of every journey with us,” said Victor CEO Joe Cohen. “We’re excited about what this means for the wider industry too. We’re confident Alto will attract a greater number of regular, committed jet charterers, which is good for Victor, good for operators and good for industry suppliers. We’re starting the next chapter of private air mobility.”

Points are valid upon issue for a period of 36 months and are earned solely against the core charter cost. Following the rollout, the company intends to introduce exclusive offers and benefits with partners. Fliers can activate their Alto account through the Victor app to track their points, available to redeem in blocks of 10,000 against further flights.

Launched in 2011, Victor‘s subscription-free, globally on-demand marketplace allows its members to check pricing option and aircraft specifics when booking flights. Last month, it announced that will offer carbon offsetting against a number of its European routes, adding carbon credits to the flight log of its users that can be used to contribute to environmental initiative’s around the world.

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