Versatile Suede Shoes for the Summer Months

14th June 2018 // By Benjamin Liong Setiawan

This story originally appeared in the May/June 2018 issue of Elite Traveler.

Suede adds a nice texture and depth to any ensemble. Surprisingly versatile, it can be worn year-round and is especially elegant during the spring and summer months. The only time you probably shouldn’t wear it is when the forecast calls for rain or you’re on the water, but you knew that.


The history of Tricker’s dates all the way back to 1829. This Robert derby shoe in navy is made from Castorino suede with a new ultra-flex leather sole that is 30 percent lighter than usual.



Bristol is O’Keeffe’s classic double monk, made in Italy in a washed-and-waxed gray suede with silver buckles. For summer, it made the fit slightly lighter with Goodyear Flex.



Joseph Cheaney & Sons is another heritage shoemaker. This Godfrey Chelsea boot in plough suede is fully leather-lined with full leather insoles. It features Goodyear welted-diamond-rubber soles, and is handcrafted in the same Northamptonshire, England, factory the company has used since the late 1800s.


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