Where to Stay in Buenos Aires

By Chris Moss

captureBuenos Aires remains the city European and American expats prefer as a home away from home. Attractions are spread over 48 barrios (neighborhoods) – romantic San Telmo has a mix of grit and glamour, residential Recoleta is a high-end retail and dining hub while leafy Palermo Viejo is the place for boutiques and bars, which spill over into neighboring Villa Crespo.

Meanwhile, Puerto Madero’s real estate continues to grow skyward. All the staples that make a city livable and loveable are here – from craft breweries to hip cafés, tree-shaded plazas to beautiful bookstores. Visitors come from afar to absorb the swagger and shimmer of the locals, who call themselves porteños – people of the port. Their energy flows from the boulevards and backstreets, seducing those who savor a backdrop that is distinctive, eclectic and exotic.

Take a look at where to stay in Buenos Aires.