The World’s Most Expensive Diamonds

Fancy Color Diamond

Fancy Color Diamonds took center stage at the 85th Academy Awards on February 24, often upstaging white diamonds on the Red Carpet.

Catherine Zeta-Jones, Olivia Munn and Kerry Washington were among the many celebrities who wore Natural Fancy Color Diamonds to the Oscars. But it was 75-year-old Jane Fonda who nearly stole the show from the starlets, wearing a canary-yellow Versace gown set off with 28-carat Natural Yellow Diamond earrings and a matching 10-carat emerald-cut Yellow Diamond ring.

These days, Fancy Color Diamonds are also achieving celebrity status in the portfolios of savvy collectors and investors worldwide. Exponentially more valuable than same-size colorless stones, Natural Color Diamonds are becoming the diamonds of choice for their rarity, their beauty and their record-breaking performance at premier auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s.

This month, two of the rarest and most magnificent Natural Fancy Color Diamonds ever to be seen outside of international auction showrooms will be available, by appointment only, at seven exclusive jewelry salons from New York to Newport Beach.

The 30.16-Carat Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring is beyond rare in its size, color and especially its cut. The long emerald cut is rarely seen in Natural Yellow Diamonds of this size, adding to the stone’s desirability and value. Flanked by Trapezoid white diamonds totaling 4.05 carats, this is a rare Canary indeed. GIA Certified. Price upon request.

The 10.05-Carat Fancy Orangy Pink Diamond Ring is a luminous example of increasingly rare Natural Pink Diamonds. A bright and brilliant pink with just a hint of sweet, pastel range, this cushion-shaped stone is surrounded by pink and white diamonds. GIA Certified. Price upon request.

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