The Secret to Stress-Free Aging

By Jo Foley

This story originally appeared in the Hotels, Resorts and Spas issue of Elite Traveler.

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Stress-Free Aging

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It’s a three-letter word that causes more anxiety and panic than any word three times its length: age. As a noun, “age” describes everything from a period in history to how many years we have accrued in life. However, in adjectival form – “aged” or “aging” – it can drive terror into the heart of man or woman. Aging is what happens to all of us day by day. We cannot prevent it or alter it, no matter how hard we try and no matter how many extreme measures we take.

The aging process begins the very moment we are born. It is a process we wish we could speed up as we move through our childhood and teens; one we enjoy through the confidence that success in life and career bestows; and one we start to dread as our movements slow down, our skin acquires a different patina and tone, and our hair gets sparser or coarser. It’s a process that highlights the fact that we are getting older.

Even though getting old is inevitable, that does not mean we should necessarily accept any acceleration in the process. To begin with, ignore anything that is headlined “anti-aging.”We may all be against the idea, but there is nothing we can do to stop it.