The Portal Giving Access to Art Insiders Worldwide

18th January 2018 // By Lauren Hill

Setting out to offer visitors an insider’s view of the contemporary art scene in cities around the world, gallery director and art consultant Sarah Peguine set up Oh-So-Arty, a community of international art guides who can provide bespoke art tours of their home towns.

Now covering more than 20 cities, the portal promises to reveal some of the best kept secrets of the international art world. “Oh-So-Arty is first and foremost about fostering the global art community.” Peguine explains, “Our tours and online magazine offer a meeting point between art professionals and art aficionados on a global level. We cross borders, continents and cultures with the goal to make the art world more accessible.”

On what makes these art tours unique, Peguine tells us: “We curate an itinerary according to your taste and interests, so each Oh-So-Arty tour is completely unique. During the tours, we make sure you get to meet the people who make the local art scene tick. We meet gallery owners, directors, artists and curators who all want to spend time discussing the art with you. We believe that seeing art should be a fun experience.”

Continue reading to see Oh-So-Arty founder Sarah Peguine’s and some of portal’s local art experts’ pick of must-visit galleries around the world.


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