The Most Majestic Monuments in Spain

11th March 2019 // By Lauren Hill

Travel to historic cities across Spain for insight into the diverse cultural influence that’s made this the country it is today. The most majestic monuments in Spain tell the stories of this fascinating past through their architectural magnificence.

Alhambra Palace, Granada

One of Spain’s most iconic monuments, this palace and fortress is what brings many travelers to the Andalusian city. The Unesco World Heritage architectural complex, which sits on a plateau overlooking the city, is an impressive sight on the skyline and an example of this country’s diverse cultural influences, giving insight into its history. While much of the structure was built in the mid-13th century — completed in the mid-14th century by Muhammed V, Sultan of Granada — the original fortress dates back as far as AD 889. From the Royal Complex and Court of the Myrtles to the mesmerizing halls, explore the sprawling grounds and step inside its ancient rooms and courtyards to see intricate decoration of Arabic inscriptions, artwork and mosaic, as well as points of interest like the Fountain of Lions. Visit the Alhambra Museum on the south wing of the palace to make the experience even more enriching.

Image: Instagram @alhambra_oficial