The Harrods’ Gift Concierge – An Answer to Christmas Chaos?

Christmas is one of the most magical times of year; colored lights adorn the streets, families gather around, and there is a generous spirit in the air. But all too quickly the joy of the festive season can turn on its head and your vision of a serene celebration can look more like a nightmare.

The decorating, the cooking, the hosting, the SHOPPING, all the things you looked forward to just weeks earlier can pile up and become a burden as the big day approaches. You may even find yourself wishing someone else could just do it all for you.

There may be a solution, for the shopping at least.

Tatiana Ohnyeva, Head of Client Relations at Harrods, explains how the Gift Concierge Service at Harrods can help take the stress out of Christmas shopping, in the video below.

“It’s the ultimate letter to Santa for grown ups,” says Ohnyeva.