The Elite Luxury Guide to Mustique

11th January 2019 // By Kristen Shirley

This story originally appeared in the January/February 2019 issue of Elite Traveler.

Few places on Earth hold the same mystique (sorry) as Mustique. When you tell people you’re going, you’ll receive either a blank stare or a look of intense jealousy. One of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets, the island was purpose-built as a playground for the rich and famous, far from prying eyes. From the opulent heyday of Princess Margaret and Mick Jagger to its current renaissance, which could be traced to Prince William’s fondness for the island, it has seen its share of once-in-a-lifetime parties and sensational scandals. But when you are on the invitation-only island, all of that mythical glamour becomes much more approachable. It’s incredibly casual—the de rigueur outfit for drinks at Basil’s Bar is swim trunks and linen shirts for men, and bathing suits and Lotty B caftans for women—and everyone, including some of the world’s wealthiest and most private people—is friendly and welcoming. Once you’re on island, it’s as if you’ve become a member of the world’s most exclusive club. You’ll quickly find yourself immersed in its famed villa dinner party scene and picnicking with new friends on your new favorite beach.