The Best Steak in the World

18th December 2013 // By Laura Walkinshaw

the best steak in the worldFor meat lovers, there is nothing more satisfying than savoring a perfect steak. With the help of our fine dining expert Andy Hayler, we take steak connoisseurs on a journey of the world’s best steakhouses — starting in the US, before heading to Argentina, passing through the UK and Italy, and ending our culinary trip on the other side of the globe in Japan.

One thing you can guarantee in the US is that you won’t find a shortage of American steakhouses. While the serving of steak in restaurants originated in French-style eateries in the mid-1800s, today’s venues are American through and through, and hold on to their heritage, such as Peter Luger whose history dates back to 1887.

Priding themselves on serving up steaks sourced from cattle graded as prime beef by the United States Agriculture Department (USDA), the best steakhouses in the US charge top dollar for their meat, which is often matured in dry-aging rooms for weeks on site.

Although a love of steak (and grilling) is undeniable in the States with the average American consuming 57.5lbs of beef in 2012, this figure is more than overshadowed by the typical Argentinean’s appetite for the meat, which stands at a staggering 129lbs.

Long considered to be the best steak you can get your hands on, Argentina prides itself on its beef, so much so that it exports less than seven percent of it, according to 2012 figures. The exquisite flavor of the meat is put down to the nation’s grass-fed cattle, which reached 52m at the time of writing.

Although Argentinean steak does find its way to European restaurants, London steakhouses by the likes of Goodman prefer homegrown talent from farms in Scotland and Ireland, with the occasional cut of USDA prime beef.

Similarly, Italy’s Maxelâ Ristorante Macelleria prides itself on its unique Fassone beef, which is renowned for being extremely healthy, with 30 percent fewer calories than regular beef.

Across the other side of the globe in Japan, Kobe and Sanda beef — served at Aragawa in Kobe and Kawamura in Tokyo — takes center stage. The meat, which comes from Tajima cattle reared in the country, is famous for its velvety and fatty richness, as well as its hefty price tag. Other steakhouses are equally obsessed with quality and will source the best meat available at the time, whether Kobe or not, such as Dons de la Nature.

Read on to discover where to find the best steak in the world.