The Bespoke Series: The Making of a Bespoke Handbag at Bill Amberg

In an age of mass production and online shopping, a time in which almost anything can be found somewhere, there’s a certain purity about a one of a kind, hand-crafted product.

Bill Amberg is no doubt familiar with this feeling; he has built a small empire off the back of a passion for leather design and craftsmanship, and now offers the experience to his clients.

While the tools are still very much in the hands of Amberg’s talented team, the Bill Amberg Bespoke service offers the client the reigns in the designing process.

It’s a sure way to get exactly what you want out of a product, you call the shots, and the best part; yours is the only one like it.

Elite Traveler spoke to Bill Amberg to find out how to create a bespoke handbag.