The 15 Most Influential Chefs of the Next Decade

Joshua Skenes – USA

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After training with Jean-Georges Vongerichten in New York and then in Boston, Josh Skenes moved to San Francisco and earned high praise for his cooking at Chez TJ. He now has his own restaurant Saison, where there is an emphasis on going back to the basics of cooking, with for example vegetables cooked on an open fire. He has travelled in Asia and hints of this can be seen in his cooking style; his restaurant has now graduated from pop-up to permanent and has earned two Michelin stars.


Sean Brock – USA

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Virginia-born Sean Brock has the culinary traditions of the deep south in his blood, and shows these skills off at his Charleston restaurant Husk. With vegetables grown on the restaurant farm and an emphasis on fireplace cooking of local ingredients, Brock has gained a culinary reputation well beyond South Carolina.


Ben Shewry – Australia

 Photography ©Colin Page

New Zealand-born Ben Shewry has been key in developing the reputation of high-end cuisine in Australia via his restaurant Attica, which opened in 2005. Shewry spent some time working abroad, including in Thailand, but has developed a style of modern cooking all his own back in Melbourne. His cooking shows innovation but also careful flavor balance.


Kevin Fehling – Germany

Kevin Fehling

Few chefs are ever awarded three Michelin stars, and fewer still achieve this at the age of 35. Kevin Fehling’s elaborate modern cooking at La Belle Epoque involves complex dishes with attractive presentation. The restaurant looks out over the Baltic from its seaside casino home.


Antonino Cannavacciuolo – Italy 

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Overlooking the beautiful Lake Orta is the beautiful Moorish-style Villa Crespi. Chef Antonino Cannavacciulo uses impeccable ingredients in his cooking, which stays mainly in classical territory but ventures into original flavour combinations too: a dish of red mullet with turnip tops, mash and smoked cheese sounds odd but the elements work beautifully together. He produces lovely food in one of the prettiest settings in the world. Image Credit: Oliviero Toscani