The Latest Men’s Slope Style

By Benjamin Liong Setiawan

Heading to Deer Valley, Méribel or Jackson Hole for some snowy adventures? It’s important to make sure you have the right gear. Our favorite looks ensure skiers and riders are earning their turns with rakish flair. They also hold their own as après-ski wear with a warm drink in hand.


You might be thinking “can you really wear that on the slopes?” We confirmed with the team at Armani that these garments have way more technical qualities than meets the eye, which gives you the flexibility to move seamlessly from snow to sundown cocktails to supper.

EA7 Emporio Armani, bomber jacket, $695; mélange knit turtleneck, $625; mélange knit trousers, $595; snow boot, $395; leather touchscreen gloves, $245; wool blend collar scarf, $245; spot backpack, $825, available at Armani 5th Avenue in New York, +1 212 209 3500,

These Z-90 skis won a Gold award for design from ISPO. Renoun’s signature HDT technology allows for greater control in a variety of conditions.

Renoun, Z-90 skis, $1,345,


Long gone are the days when snowboarders were the rebels of the mountain and vastly outnumbered by skiers. The sport has gained equal footing at winter resorts and designers are providing riders an opportunity to swap out overly baggy clothing for more streamlined and polished gear that still allows you to perfect your frontside 360.

Moncler Grenoble, nylon jacket, $1,830; nylon pants, $1,210; wool shirt, $1,145; shoes, $1,465; wool gloves, $800, available at Moncler in New York, +1 646 768 7022,

The Malolo board makes a comeback, offering the lightest and fastest ride in Burton’s lineup. With their new step on binding/boot technology you can skip having to strap in your boots and be riding in seconds.

Burton, Mystery Malolo snowboard, $2,000,