Simplify Your Fitness Routine with the Lynx Board

The Lynx Board is a simple yet effective fitness tool.  Made up of a rectangular plate measuring 55” by 40” (140 cm x 100 cm) with pads, the Lynx Board trains with a carefully tested friction between the plate and the set of pads.

In one single exercise, you are activating several muscle groups along horizontal, vertical, rotational and diagonal vectors, without the use of weights. A great tool for functional strength training! The Lynx Board is also an excellent dynamic stretching tool, allowing flexibility training during strength exercises.

As a result of resistance-controlled friction, there is virtually no impact. This makes the training advantageous for people recovering from injury using open and closed chain variables. Friction makes the precise control of movement easy to maintain and range of motion cannot exceed the level of muscular performance.

This will give you an invaluable workout no matter if the trained muscles are primary movers, secondary movers or stabilizers.

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