Renovo and Glenmorangie Have Just Made A Bike Out Of Whiskey Barrels

For those of you who like their rides as smooth as their whiskey, Glenmorangie and Renovo have collaborated to make a limited-edition bike made from re-purposed whiskey barrels.

Constructed from fifteen whiskey staves (or barrel planks for those who don’t speak the lingo), the bike combines ultra-modern Shinamo technology with upcycled wood from the Glenmorangie distillery. Featuring a full carbon thru-axle fork, lightweight Full Speed Ahead cockpit, high performance Velocity wheels and a hollowed-out frame, each Renovo x Glenmorangie bike is made to your specifications, with the bike’s craftsmen taking more than 20 hours to hand carve each bike.

The frame has a trapezoidal shape, taking inspiration from the staves themselves, and are the latest innovation in Glenmorangie’s dedication to finding unusual uses for its old oak.

Suitable for everyday use the bike sits on 700mm x 28mm wheels, making it ideal for those who want to commute to work in style. However if you’re feeling more adventurous you can swap the tires out for 40mm off-road tires, allowing the bike to tackle even the toughest terrain.

Available in small, medium, and large, the bike comes in at a very respectable 22 lbs (not bad considering the minimum weight for an Olympic track bike is 15 lbs) and features subtle signet detailing throughout. It may not make you the next Chris Hoy, but it’ll certainly make you feel less guilty about that post-ride glass of whiskey.

The Renovo x Glenmorangie bike is priced at $6,950. For more information, please visit