Redefining Small Ship Ultra-Luxury — Again

13-493-Seabourn-83-PoolOverall-013213 Cleaned_2048pxIn 2016, Seabourn will introduce Seabourn Encore. It will crown a fleet that is already the newest, most modern and most acclaimed in the ultra-luxury segment.

Modeled on the award-winning trio of ships introduced with Seabourn Odyssey in 2009, Seabourn Encore represents another welcome stage in the evolution of small-ship cruising, which Seabourn pioneered and has consistently expanded and enriched.

A Master’s Touch

To create the Seabourn Encore guest experience, Seabourn enlisted the participation of master designer Adam D. Tihany. Recognized as one of the preeminent designers in the world, Tihany specializes in developing elegantly individual spaces for the most highly rated restaurants, hotels, resorts and spas in the hospitality industry.

13-493-Seabourn-84-SeaSkyArchitecutral-013388CN_2048pxFor Seabourn Encore, Tihany was especially sensitive to the fact that Seabourn’s guests occupy the ship for at least a week while cruising the world’s most desirable destinations. Many sail for even more extended periods. As they explore the ports of call, they sleep, dine, play and socialize on board. He noted that, as travelers, they are essentially involved in exploration, discovering new sights and experiences. As such, they are especially attracted to novelty and impatient with any hint of monotony.

“I realized how much of Seabourn’s overall product is dedicated to satisfying their guests’ appetites for surprise,” he said. “From the planning of itineraries, to the cuisine, to their style of service, they are always focused on surpassing expectations and eliciting the sort of delight that results from the unexpected. With that in mind, I have designed a ship that is imbued with a sense of spontaneity and exhilaration, to elicit surprise and delight that will complement the rest of the guests’ travel experiences.”

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