Q&A with PXG Founder Bob Parsons

Bob Parsons, founder of domain name giant GoDaddy, is not your average entrepreneur. Known for turning his hobbies into wildly successful ventures, the Arizona billionaire says the formula for his success is part passion, part perspective, part luck and a whole lot of effort.

One of 14 businesses, Parsons’ new golf equipment company, PXG, is the latest to become a global phenomenon.

What is it about golf that got you hooked?

Golf is a wonderful diversion. It’s a lot of fun and it’s a great opportunity for camaraderie. The game is impossible to perfect, but every once in a while, even with a shallow skill level, you can hit an incredible shot. That’s the hook.

In 2014 you founded PXG. Why?

Because I believed if the normal constraints of time and money were removed from the equipment design, development and manufacturing process incredible advances were possible. Turns out I was right.

Did you have any reservations about entering what is already a fairly competitive market?

During my early conversations with PXG senior designer Mike Nicolette he did his best to talk me out of getting into the golf business. He, along with others, said I was nuts. I told him, “Sometimes it’s a good sign when everyone thinks you’re crazy.”

The established club manufactures are really good and they have their market share. For us to go head to head with any one of them would be suicide. The reason PXG has had remarkable success in such a short period of time, is because we’re doing something that they’re not.

PXG has developed game-changing club technology with a singular focus – performance. We have removed all barriers to innovation, such as cost and time, and targeted a segment of the market that has been starved for something truly special.

How will golfers know that PXG clubs are better?

They’ll know the moment they hit a few shots.

You’ve achieved great success in life and business. What are you most proud of?

This one is very simple. I’m a United States Marine.

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