Purple Jewelry for Modern Royalty

By Kristen Shirley

This story originally appeared in the January/February 2018 issue of Elite Traveler.

While we are far from the days when Queen Elizabeth I forbade anyone outside the royal family from wearing purple, the color remains associated with power, prestige, wealth and yes, royalty. Channel your inner queen with these purple jewels, which feature amethyst, tanzanite and sapphires.

From Cartier’s latest high-jewelry collection, Résonances de Cartier, this bracelet employs the camaïeu technique, which softly alternates colors within a piece of jewelry. Oscar Heyman—renowned for its work with rare stones—features a stunning star ruby in this ring. When the light catches these unusual gems just right, a distinctive six-pointed star appears on the surface.

Featuring over 130 carats of amethyst, including a 65.44-carat pear-shaped central stone, Chopard’s Temptations necklace speaks to the regal beauty of the sometimes-overlooked amethyst. Two stunning purple sapphires sit amid diamonds and pink sapphires in Tiffany & Co.’s Art Deco-inspired earrings.

Bayco’s Monochrome collection showcases the power of a single color. Here, over 90 carats of pink sapphire make their mark. Featherstone’s jewelry is convertible—these earrings can be taken apart at home and worn with other pieces from the collection—but we aren’t sure why anyone would want to change these Taj earrings. Called Coleman’s Smokey Blues, they feature a range of purple and blue stones, with two pear-shaped tanzanites at the center of each.

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