Project Mayfair: A Penthouse in the Sky

3Andrew Winch Interiors, well known for designing bespoke superyacht decor, has revealed the first pictures and details of Project Mayfair, a design concept modeled after London’s leading hotels. Yet to be revealed are the private jet vehicles which are applicable for this interior renovation, but one thing is certain: the bespoke upgrade will transform these vehicles into some of the finest and luxurious private jets in the air.

Named after London’s new breed of super luxurious hotels, Project Mayfair is designed with the client’s lifestyle in mind, from their business to their personal hobbies to their home. The aircraft’s interior and exterior concepts are unified to create maximum ‘ramp presence’ and a youthful aesthetic throughout the multi-space cabin. The use of bulkheads creates an impressive entrance and emphasizes the space further inside.

2The cabin space includes a circular dining table and bar area, while maintaining the importance of social culture in the air with the table being easily converted for an evening of games. The contrast of dark, high-gloss veneers and the satin almond gold fixes and light leather upholstery make for a unique contrast, drawing the eye to the intimacy of the bar. Alternatively the client may choose their own equally chic combination of materials and textures.

The flexible layout aims to provide a platform for outfitting the aircraft cabin that can be replicated easily with shorter turn-around time yet can still be customized to the client’s own personal taste, merging ‘Saville Row’ attention to classic British elegance with business-club sophistication.

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