Prada Now Offers A Made To Measure Service

By Will Grice

One of the most integral parts to dressing well is choosing clothes that fit you properly. It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many men get their sizing wrong. Now Prada is offering a made to measure service across a number of shirts, suits and coats, there’s no excuse for turning up to a Monday meeting in a shirt that looks like it’s about to pop.

For those of you not familiar with made to measure, it’s one step below getting all your clothes handmade by a tailor, providing the same care and attention as a bespoke service, just without the waiting period and excessive price tag.

Available across 50 stores worldwide, Prada is now offering customers the chance to have jackets, shirts and suits made from more than 300 different materials. Suiting is available in three different fits – classic, slim and fitted – with customers given the choice of 300 fabrics, numerous trouser styles and optional waistcoats. Prada’s made to measure coats come in three different classic styles and are available in 30 fabrics, including luxury cashmere, Vicuna and Guanaco (two of Prada’s signature materials). While shirts come in 230 fabrics, three different fits, 10 collar styles, eight cuff styles and four monogram colors. Choosing made to measure will not only give your clothes a much better fit, but will also massively prolong the life of your wardrobe. Often clothes will deteriorate over time because of poor fits, with items that are too tight or loose often being the ones to fall apart first.

Once you’ve made a booking with Prada to start the made to measure process you will be invited into your local store’s VIP area where you will be measured up and shown the fabrics on offer. After taking your measurements your items will be handmade before being shipped out to you in four to five weeks depending on what you ordered. Going made to measure is the perfect option for any man seeking an upheaval of their wardrobe, just make sure you lay off the doughnuts.

The Prada made to measure service starts at $950. For more information visit