Pastrovich Studios Introduces Futuristic New Yacht Design

By Zahra Al-Kateb

The 77m X R-EVOLUTION Yacht from Pastrovich Studios offers complete and total privacy. A separate vessels can be detached and anchored, allowing them to become rest places, floating swimming pools, private gardens or a floating platform with sand.

As well as this, the77m X R-EVOLUTION promises to offer stability. The shape of the hull, a mix between a wavepiercer and a catamaran has been able to provide a structure that eliminates any relative motion by taking instant measurements of the ship’s movement and compensating them by using six hydraulic cylinders. This results in the top of the platform remaining completely still opposed to the main structure.

Lastly, the vessel is made using lightweight materials such as carbon fiber in order to create a vessel with a very low draft (2.1m up to 2.5m).