One of a Kind Wearable Works of Art

yvel_webfeature_eliteLuxury jewelry brand, Yvel, is renowned internationally for its exquisite award-winning designs featuring the finest pearls, diamonds and precious gems nature has to offer. Founded in 1986 by husband and wife, Orna and Isaac Levy, Yvel is a mirror image of the couple’s surname. The company’s magnificent creations are sold on five continents to royalty, celebrities and the world’s most discerning jewelry connoisseurs.

Isaac’s prized jewelry collections and the one which is closest to his heart is the One of a Kind Collection. The unique collection is comprised of innovative designs featuring only the most exquisite rare pearls and precious gemstones personally collected by the Levys over the past decades.

What truly distinguishes this collection from all the rest is that each piece is created entirely from a place of passion. “This collection has nothing to do with time, money, or supply and demand. I only create One of a Kind pieces when the right inspiration strikes.” Like any great work of art, the journey of creation varies from piece to piece. “Each design is a song written from the heart. Some are created in just a few hours while others take a few years to bring from the realm of my imagination to reality,” explains Isaac.

The One of a Kind Collection, along with other Yvel designs, is available at the Yvel Design Center located on the outskirts of Jerusalem, Israel and at the lush Yvel Boutique in Miami’s Design District. Guests from around the world visit both locations year round for the opportunity to view, try on and purchase the jewelry in the most luxurious of settings.

Available at:

Yvel Flagship Boutique

140 NE 39th St. Suite 203   Miami, FL 33137 USA   239-573-9835

Yvel Design Center   1 Yechiel Steinberg St. Ramat Moza, Jerusalem  972-2-6735811

Yvel Boutique   Cramim Resort & Spa    Kiryat Anavim, Israel   02-6240658

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