Object of Desire: Global Inspiration

By Lauren Jade Hill

This story originally appeared in the July/August 2017 issue of Elite Traveler.

It’s not often you come across a studio that specializes in making bespoke, hand-crafted globes. And that’s exactly why the globes of Bellerby & Co have garnered such attention, even being used as props in Hollywood movies. In an intimate North London studio, a small team of craftsmen bring their skills of carpentry, design and
illustration together to produce each item according to the client’s exacting requirements.

Of the models on offer, it’s the 50in-diameter Churchill globe that takes pride of place; mirroring a pair of globes Winston Churchill and Franklin D Roosevelt were presented during WW2, the Churchill globe is limited to a series of 40 and made at a rate of just one or two per year. Some clients ask to have the places they’ve traveled to illustrated on the surface, others ask for their hometown to be given its rightful place.

With recent commissions including a one-off globe for Royal Ascot, clientele can be certain they’re in fine company as a Bellerby & Co globe-owner.

From $60,834, contact Jade Fenster, sales consultant,, +44 208 800 7235,

Cover image © Tom Bunning