The New Era of Customized Luxury Travel Trailers

24th September 2018 // By Alexandra Cheney

Living Vehicle Live Series

Escape the limitations of a crowded hotel and get lost in the backcountry,
all while maintaining the option to respond to emails with an omnidirectional Wi-Fi antenna. Create uninterrupted views of mountain ranges or desertscapes away from paved roads, with the convenience of a washer/dryer. The brainchild of Santa Barbara–based architect Matthew Hofmann, who left his firm to renovate vintage Airstreams (he’s updated more than 400) and design his own mobile space, Living Vehicle furnishes the possibility for well-appointed on- and off-grid dwelling.

Four 150-watt roof-installed solar panels, a 100-gallon freshwater tank and two 30-gallon propane tanks power the nearly 8,000-lb rig. Whether you’re using it for long-distance travel or weekend escapes, Living Vehicle comfortably sleeps six adults thanks to its EuroLoft in-ceiling bed, U-shaped dining area that converts into a queen space and separate bedroom that can double as a sitting room, should the sofa sleeper option prevail. With a duo of deck options in the form of a three-foot clamshell or a six-foot extended patio, seamless indoor/outdoor living is encouraged.

Hofmann has already delivered two dozen units and is manufacturing just as many orders. From purchase to delivery typically takes two months.

From $149,995,

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