New Bellevue Suites at Fairmont Le Montreux Palace

fmph-bellevue-001-wThe prestigious suites at the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace have been entirely refurbished.

The stunning face-lift reveals a succession of vast rooms with attractive wood paneling, decorated ceilings adorned with period charm and a living space flooded with daylight.

fmph-vuebalcon-003-wRespecting the hotel’s architectural heritage and historic Belle Epqoue value, Aedas Interior London has breathed new life into the suites by enhancing the level of luxury. With a strong emphasis placed on the space and light offered by the spectacular view, the London-based architecture firm opted for a look that is contemporary yet classic, reflected in the cool color scheme, silky drapes, comfortable sofas and cotton bed linen, ensuring maximum comfort and the feeling of familiarity.

Each suite comprises of two bedrooms, a lounge and two bathrooms. Often occupied by families staying for a week or more, the suites have been designed with this in mind and are made to feel like a home away from home. Simple touches like the sofa placed in the bedroom or the large dining table near the window help to emphasize this, while the magnificent views of the lakes and mountains of Switzerland can be admired from the bed, sofa or dining table.

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