The Most Exclusive Classic Cars in the World

By John Mayhead


At the end of 2018 the Hagerty Price Guide, the UK’s leading index of classic car values, showed that 26% of the models it monitors had fallen in value in the preceding nine months. Although the market didn’t crash, an overdue correction had taken place.

Double-digit increases in value are great while they last, but unsustainable in the long term. Many investment classics that had risen quickly in value – early Jaguar E-Types, 1980s Ferraris, early Porsche 911s – were just too numerous to be stand-out assets and could not hold their value.

And yet, in the midst of a price dip, the value of one type of classic car continued to boom. Last year saw the records for most expensive car ever sold and most expensive car sold at public auction both tumble.

At the very top of the market, there are a group of cars that provide such kudos, such access to world-class events, and such downright exclusivity that there will always be people ready with the money to buy them.

So, what are these cars, what growth potential do they have, and how can they be bought? With the help of the Hagerty Price Guide, here are the five top collectors’ classic cars.