Monaco 2050: The Sky’s The Limit For Future Megayacht

By Zahra Al-Kateb


Image Credit: Vasily Klyukin

A futuristic luxury super yacht has been envisioned by Russian businessman Vasily Klyukin.

The Monaco 2050 comes with a top deck private jet which uses vertical takeoff and landing technology, already utilized by some fighter jets.

Although there are no concrete plans to build the vessel as of yet, designer, architect and writer Klyukin hopes to encourage other yacht designers to consider his designs.


Image Credit: Vasily Klyukin

Klyukin believes that the science behind the concept is not far off. He told CNN: “We shouldn’t really have to wait for 35 years. Such a yacht can be started designing even today.”

He also added: “I truly believe that we (can) create a future giving…engineers direction to think.

“The upper deck is the part of the yacht and the independent aircraft at the same time. If necessary, it will rise upwards with the help of the screws embedded in the wings, becoming a helicopter.”

Image Credit: Vasily Klyukin

Image Credit: Vasily Klyukin

The Russian businessman is no stranger to designing super yachts, having previously designed a range of high concept yachts, including a giant vessel shaped like a swan, and another in the shape of Manhattan’s skyline.

In 2014, Klyukin paid £1 million to travel to space alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.