Michael Wainwright Introduces Ocean of Dreams Collection

Luxury is about enhancing someone’s life, says Michael Wainwright, Managing Director of leading British jeweler Boodles.

And with over thirty years in the industry, plus the sixth generation of his family firmly at the helm of the company, he should know better than anyone.

WATCH: Michael Wainwright on luxury and the Ocean of Dreams Collection

Wainwright says when it comes to luxury, customization is crucial, and every last detail of the experience should be considered.

“Design is crucial, design is absolutely at the center of everything we do”, he explains.

“Quite a lot of what we sell is what we call bespoke or special order. We have a team of five designers, who will come and visit any of our clients, and they can really see their piece of jewelry [develop], from cradle to when they are wearing it.

“Its not just owning a piece of jewelry that has to be a luxury, the actual act of purchasing it has got to be luxurious too.”

The latest one-off collection by Boodles, Ocean of Dreams, launches this month. To see the collection and watch the interview with Michael Wainwright in full, watch the video above.