McLaren and LAT_56 Collaborate On Luxury Luggage

By Will Grice

If your standard suitcase doesn’t cut it anymore and you’re in need of something to suit your fast paced lifestyle then you’re in luck, McLaren has just collaborated with Scottish luxury luggage manufacturer LAT_56.

Set to become the McLaren team’s official luggage supplier, the collaboration took ten months to produce with LAT_56 working closely with the F1 team to ensure their suitcases matched the needs of motorsport’s top athletes.

Kevin Fox, Managing Director and Designer of LAT_56 says: “The partnership with McLaren represents a true meeting of minds. Each of our pieces of luggage absolutely has to be the best in class; the team at McLaren strive to achieve excellence in design and performance.

“These shared values are the inspiration behind this new range, and it’s been a pleasure working with them on engineering products that will meet the exacting standards expecting in the world of grand prix racing.”

The LAT_56 series was launched at an exclusive event in Selfridges, London, with the brand since going on to make a name for themselves in the luxury luggage industry.

The bags will be available exclusively on the LAT_56 site and on the official McLaren store