McLaren has built a Le Mans inspired 570GT

The new McLaren is really a beauty. Built by the brand’s Special Operations department, the British car manufacturer has just announced a special run of six limited edition 570GT MSO Collection cars, all painted in the brand’s iconic ‘XP Green’.

The car is a tribute to the incredibly rare McLaren F1 XP GT ‘Longtail’ that was built for the legendary 1997 Le Mans race. Featuring a unique ‘XP Green’ paintwork on the outside, the car’s interior shows the luxurious side of motoring, with rich leather wrapped over the racing seats, doors and dashboard, before being finished off with XP Green stitching.

Powered by a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 with a huge 562 horsepower and 433 lb per feet of torque, the McLaren 570GT is unbelievably quick. The standard 570GT features a top speed of 328 km/h and a 0 – 100 km speed of 3.4 seconds, and with the amount of upgrades the limited edition 570GT’s have received you can to get a small speed and acceleration boost. McLaren will be releasing six of these cars across Europe (the cars will be going out to customers in the UK, Germany and Netherlands), with each one fitted with upgraded B&O speakers, a slight nose lift, reverse camera, cutting edge security system and an individually numbered plaque on the interior.

The McLaren Special Operations 570GT will be available from $255,338, for more information visit