Louis Vuitton’s Personalized Belt Service is Finally Here

By Will Grice

My LV Belt in several different customized colorways and designs

Belts are one of the most overlooked item in any man’s wardrobe. Men around the world will happily splurge on everything from shirts and trousers to socks and underwear, but when it comes to belts they’ll buy one (often ubiquitous looking) belt and stick to it for as long as possible. However, with Louis Vuitton’s new My LV Belt range, there’s no excuse for sporting an old black leather belt.

Launching this week across all Louis Vuitton Maisons, the My LV Belt program offers customers the chance to completely personalize the brand’s iconic LV belt with a number of exclusive materials, colors and buckles. And with 240 possible combinations, there’s definitely something for everybody. For those looking for a simple day-to-day belt there are traditional materials such as leather and suede (many of which offer reversible colorways, meaning you essentially get two belts from the price of one). For those looking for something truly unique, you can go all out and choose one of Louis Vuitton’s more unusual and luxurious materials such as crocodile and ostrich leather. Once you’ve chosen the color and leather for your belt, you’re then given a choice of 12 different buckles available in everything from gold and palladium right through to refined olive wood and agata zebrata. To finish it off, you can also add your initials to the belt by using Louis Vuitton’s hot stamping service.


If you’re in the market for a new belt that will last you a lifetime (and will be completely exclusive to yourself) you’ll be hard pressed to find anything better than a My LV Belt.

My LV Belt ranges in price from $765 to $4,670. For more information, please visit