Louis Vuitton to Pay Homage to Christopher Nemeth

By Zahra Al-Kateb

Image Credit: Louis Vuitton

Image Credit: Louis Vuitton

This fall will see Louis Vuitton pay homage to the late British designer Christopher Nemeth, a world-renowned fashion designer and artist.

Originally from Birmingham, Nemeth moved to London in 1979 and is known for his deconstructed tailored suites and illustrations depicting thread, needle and hands, which are often showcased on his designs.

Although relatively unknown in the UK, Nemeth’s designs have greatly influenced Louis Vuitton men’s artistic director Kim Jones, who says Nemeth’s work defined London during the 1980s. Marking the fifth anniversary of his death with a collection honouring his life, Jones said: “He trained as a fine artist and came into fashion from being an illustrator, and that chimes with how I started. I wanted to openly celebrate his life and work.”

Having scoured four original prints from Nemeth’s archive, Jones collaborated with stylist and accessories designer Judy Blame from Nemeth’s creative force as well as Nemeth’s widow and daughters to develop a line showcasing Louis Vuitton’s craftsmanship and Nemeth’s originality and wittiness.

The collection, which will be available from September, includes cork embossed cashmere, laser etchings on shearling and a selection of luggage and is priced from $158 – $4,400.