LG’s Robot Will Guide You Through an Airport

Image Credit: LG Electronics

We’ve all heard of robotic vacuum cleaners and household helpers, but LG’s latest expansion of its intelligent services ecosystem reaches far beyond the home.

The Airport Guide Robot – soon to be seen in Seoul’s Incheon International Airport – is set to become the “traveler’s best friend” by offering assistance and answering questions in four different languages – English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Once passengers have scanned their ticket, the robot will be able to provide detailed information regarding boarding time, gate location, and even the weather specific to the location of the traveler’s city.

Not only is the robot capable of responding to a passenger’s voice, but it also boasts the ability of being able to walk travelers to their relevant gate.

LG said: “With a simple scan of a passenger’s ticket, the robot can provide detailed information about a flight’s boarding time and gate location, and even the weather of a traveller’s destination city.”