Legacy Business School Redefines Education in New York This Fall

Legacy Business School will debut in New York City this October 2016 with the primary objective of preparing entrepreneurs and visionary leaders of tomorrow. Located in Trump Tower on Manhattan’s prestigious Fifth Avenue, Legacy Business School is an industry game changer offering students a unique educational experience. Through an exclusive combination of innovative studies, real world business experiences and elite student services, the education offered at Legacy Business School extends past the walls of the campus into New York City, the business capital of the world.

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Legacy Business School prides itself with a well developed network of leading global businesses and Fortune 500 companies, connecting students to key players in the entertainment industry, global business leaders, major fashion designers, and prestigious financial enterprises. This ultra- exclusive network provides unique real-world professional experiences in conjunction with enriching educational programs, thus creating engaging learning opportunities both in and outside of Legacy Business Schools intimate classrooms. Each student is placed within a customized Internship Program where work experiences are tailored to maximize their career trajectory.

At the heart of Legacy Business school, there is a discovery of premier amenities and high-end personalized student services, which include a premier membership with Quintessentially Lifestyle Group. As Quintessentially Bespoke Elite Members, students are granted exclusive access to all Quintessentially benefits such personal concierge services and luxury lifestyle management.

Offerings at Legacy Business School include programs leading to UK accredited BSc, MSc and MBA degrees. There is also a variety of short-term professional certificate programs including fashion or entertainment management, Internet marketing, event management, public relations, and editorial management

“Our goal with Legacy Business School is to redefine the overall higher education experience for students,” said Alessandro Nomellini, Chief Executive Officer. “In addition to obtaining a world class education, students will have the opportunity to make invaluable industry connections to fast-track their career and become the business leaders of tomorrow.”

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