Lalique Unveils New Damien Hirst Collaborative Works

By Lauren Jade Hill

The Eternal collection was first created in 2015, marking the beginning of collaboration between Lalique and British artist Damien Hirst. Now, twelve new works from the Eternal collection have been revealed. Designed by Damien Hirst and handcrafted by Lalique’s master glassmakers, seven crystal sculptures and five panels make up the new limited edition offering, featuring a selection of the artist’s recognizable motifs such as the cross, dove, skull and butterfly.

Lalique Art has worked alongside major contemporary artists, cultural foundations and notable designers since 2011 to create unique works of art in crystal that make use of the light, transparency, color and contours of this special medium. Combining the creative expertise of artists and Lalique’s craftsmen, these collaborations offer the artists and designers a new source of inspiration through a rarely explored medium that draws on the knowledge of Lalique’s master glassmakers.

The seven sculptures designed by Damien Hirst make use of the ancient lost-wax technique that has been revived by Lalique, with a crystal skin—transparent and black, with a satin finish—that affords a high level of detail. These artworks are a limited edition of 20 to 35, numbered and with a certificate that’s signed by the artist.

The five panels then follow-on from the butterfly works he created in 2015—Love, Hope and Beauty—with the addition of two new motifs: Prayer, which depicts a winged heart pierced by a dagger, and Memento, which is an open-mouthed skull. These images are hot-pressed into the Lalique crystal panels to catch the light and replicate a stained glass window. Available in a selection of different colors, these panels are limited to 50 copies, numbered and again accompanied by a certificate signed by the artist.

Having been awarded the Turner Prize and having had more than 90 international solo exhibitions dedicated to his work, Damien Hirst is among the world’s most revered contemporary artists, making these limited edition pieces particularly covetable.

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Images: ETERNAL TRUTH, photo by François Fernandez, ETERNAL SLEEP, photo by Prudence Cuming Associates Ltd © Damien Hirst Science Ltd and Lalique