John Lobb’s Limited Edition Hayes Shoe

By Kristen Shirley


In celebration of St Crispin’s day, the feast day for the patron saints of cobblers, luxury British shoemaker John Lobb releases one of its most special shoes; the limited edition Hayes. It is incredibly handcrafted from a single piece of museum calf leather and takes highly skilled artisans six weeks to create each pair. To achieve the deep patina, the artisans use traditional tanning methods where the dye is hand-applied layer by layer. Aside from the hand-sewn apron, which takes over two hours to complete, there is no other visible stitching. We love the incredible color and smooth finish; these are undeniably some of the most luxurious shoes available today. Only 1,000 pieces will be produced, so act quickly to get yours.

John Lobb Limited Edition Hayes $1,895, to purchase visit