Introducing Patrón En Lalique Serie 1

Elite_Lalique_WebFeature_728x557It wasn’t too long ago that Patrón Tequila and Lalique announced an unprecedented partnership that would result in an extremely limited work of art, Patrón en Lalique: Serie 1. Upon its release, only 500 units are available worldwide, as each bottle has been individually handcrafted by Lalique’s master artisans. Seeing the decanter up close is to really appreciate the artistry found in each detail and to understand why so few have been produced. Hundreds of hours went into planning, designing and then crafting each handmade crystal decanter, from inception to execution. And while the bottle itself is beautiful, it’s not to be outdone by the spirit inside — a blend of the oldest and rarest tequilas hand selected from Patrón’s barrel aging room in Jalisco, Mexico. Aged for at least four years in a combination of new American oak and new and used French oak barrels, this special blend will only be available through this exclusive collaboration.

The design of the bottle itself was inspired by the Weber Blue Agave used to make Patrón. In the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, rows upon rows of this indigenous plant stretch for miles and must be allowed to mature for at least seven years before harvesting. The plant is then hand chopped, baked in small brick ovens, fermented, distilled twice and then aged in a variety of barrels, depending on the tequila.

The reimagining of Patrón’s bottle also showcases Lalique’s signature technique, comprised of contrasting clear and frosted crystal finishes to highlight the detail within the design. This also enhances the unique amber color of the spirit.

Each bottle is individually hand numbered and comes with a leather-bound book and video that documents the making of such an interesting partnership. It’s the first time Lalique has ever worked with a tequila brand, resulting in a work of art that also exemplifies Patrón’s unwavering commitment to the Art of Patrón—a unique collection of experiences that reflects artists’ uncompromising dedication and passion to their crafts.

A 750ml bottle of Patrón en Lalique: Serie 1 retails for $7,500 and is available at fine spirits retailers and in select duty-free stores across the world. You can learn more about this product from Patrón Tequila or by emailing