Inside the Porsche Vaults: 5 Rare Models

Situated alongside the Porsche AG headquarters in Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart, The Porsche Museum is considered one of the world’s best automobile showcases, with over 80 vehicles on display in the 5,600 square meter exhibition space. Now the museum has opened its vaults to reveal five of the rarest production models in its collection.

In this episode of Porsche’s video series, the manager of the historical archive, Dieter Landenberger, takes us into the Porsche Museum warehouse to introduce these rare models to viewers and reveal what it is that makes them so unique.

From the Porsche 911 Turbo S (964) of which 86 were made, to the Porsche 356 American Roadster, of which only 16 were made – estimated by RM Sotheby’s to be worth approximately $638,050 – these five models reflect the majesty of this iconic brand.

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Photograph by Porsche / Barcroft Images