Inside Chef Tong Chee Hwee’s Kitchen

A taste of China – The modern Cantonese banquet

HKK Restaurant in East London has one foot set firmly in the past, and one foot pointing toward the future, which makes for one exceptional Cantonese experience. 

With a world-renowned Chinese tasting menu, a philosophy around modernizing traditional Cantonese recipes, and a Michelin-starred chef with a habit of using his open kitchen as a research lab, the standard is definitive.

WATCH: Go inside HKK Restaurant and Chef Tong’s kitchen in the video below:

Chef Tong Chee Hwee’s selection of tasting menus was inspired by the long-standing tradition of Chinese banqueting, and combine modern sous vide techniques with authentic wok and barbecue cooking methods.

The Times food critic Giles Cohen once professed: “each dish in turn became the greatest Chinese mouthful of my life”, and we can’t help but agree.

The 15-course tasting menu at HKK is available for £98 per head, with the 10 and 8 course options £78 and £48 respectively.