Hôtel Le Bristol’s Completes Next Step in Extensive Renovation

La Fontaine aux Amours in Le Bristol's Renovated Garden

La Fontaine aux Amours in Le Bristol’s Renovated Garden

Just in time for summer, the elegant Parisian hotel unveils its redesigned, 13,000-square-foot garden.

Part of a wide-scale renovation that began in 2009, the extended garden has a terrace of white marble imported from Brescia, Italy; landscaping that includes magnolia trees, tulips, daffodils, narcissus, yellow laburnum and anthemis; a white path comprised of 10,000 cobblestones; and an 18th Century sandstone fountain, named La Fontaine aux Amours.

The garden is located within Le Bristol’s three-Michelin-starred restaurant, Epicure. Headed by Chef Eric Frechon, Epicure serves desserts by pastry chef Laurent Jeanin both within its dining room and in the renovated garden.

In addition to the garden, since 2009, Hôtel Le Bristol has created a new spa, renovated Epicure and added two suites. It is currently completing the final stage of its renovation, and plans to launch 29 refurbished rooms and suites later this month.