Hot Wheels on Ice

Story 4_1The motoring world continues to go crazy for SUVs and one of the most eagerly awaited arrivals in the category is Bentley’s Bentayga. But how much of a rugged off roader will it be? The company clearly has confidence in the new model’s off-road credentials, as it will take a starring role in the annual ice-driving challenge, Power on Ice.

Story 4_2Running through February on Finland’s frozen lakes, the four-day event (which includes two days of ice-driving training from an expert team led by former rally champion Juha Kankkunen) features the new Bentayga as well as a full fleet of Bentleys, including the sensationally quick Continental GT3-R. There’s also the chance to indulge in local Finnish culture, with experiences from husky safaris to a local smoke sauna, as well as excellent local skiing (Chalet Ruka Peak, the hotel where it’s held, is perched on top of Ruka Fell). Plus, if you’re lucky, you might see the Northern Lights.

From $13,000 per person