Highland Park Releases Limited-Edition Whiskey

Loki is Part of Highland Park's Valhalla Series

Loki is Part of Highland Park’s Valhalla Series

By Emily Saladino

Named for a Norse trickster god, Loki is Highland Park’s new, limited-edition single malt.

Aged for 15 years in both Spanish sherry and heavily peated casks, Loki’s sweet, citrusy nose is followed by an intensely smoky flavor and soft, spiced finish. It is lighter in color than whiskies with comparable smoke, and retails for $249.

The second release in Highland Park’s Valhalla Series, Loki’s nuanced taste differs from 2012’s boisterous, appropriately named Thor. Like Thor, Loki’s is packaged in a dramatic wooden frame inspired by Viking ships. See you in Asgard.