Harley Davidson XL1200 Custom by Thrive

Harley Davidson is one of the world’s most iconic brands. Known for making some of the most desirable and rare motorcycles on the planet, a small Jakarta-based custom shop, Thrive, has given the popular Harley Davidson XL1200 a very eyecatching makeover.

Harley Davidson XL1200

Featuring numerous intricate details including an old skateboard wheel re-purposed as a chain tensioner, Thrive has been working on the project, dubbed the ‘Kuzuri’ motorcycle, for two years. The idea started when a Harley Davidson stock engine landed in the Jakarta workshop, and by coincidence there also happened to be a Harley Davidson XL1200 Sportster in the shop at the time.

The Thrive team traveled to numerous Japanese custom shops and motorcycle shows for inspiration, taking influence from numerous traditional Japanese choppers. The idea behind the project was to incorporate timeless designs with streamlined looks and complex detailing.

Harley Davidson XL1200

The body for the Kuzuri bike (which translates as wolverine in Japanese) came from Brondolo Custom Garage, a small workshop eight-hours away from Thrive. Brondolo sent over a bespoke frame that acted as the basis for Thrive’s project. Over the space of several months Thrive reworked the bike’s bodywork by adding a gas tank, unique headlight casing, bespoke tail unit, oil tank and electrical box. They also cut the forks by hand to give the bike a lower ride than the original Harley Davidson XL1200.

Thrive then finished the bike off with a bespoke switchgear, footpegs, mini gullwing bars, a hidden brake unit and mooneyes grips. Before finally giving the bike a custom sapphire, silver and black paint job. Making this a very luxurious way to ride the open highways.

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