Halo: The $330 Million Airship


Image Credit: Andrew Winch Designs

By Zahra Al-Kateb

While most UHNW’s are seen spending their cash on the latest super yachts, the future may see more tap into a new trend conceived as the ultimate luxurious holiday home – airships.

A futuristic concept design has been proposed by Andrew Winch Designs, a London-based design studio that has previously developed some of the world’s largest super yachts, private jets and homes.

Anyone tempted to splurge on the futuristic Halo airship can expect to enjoy a number of privileges, including a ballroom, an open air viewing deck, 20 bedrooms, a cinema and a spa.

The abundance of cargo deck space can accommodate all the necessities passengers would need to transfer on land and sea, with plenty of space on board for yachts, helicopters, cars and motorbikes. Passengers can also feel free to explore what lies below by lowering the outer ring of the airship to ground or sea level, creating an artificial private island from which to drive or swim.


Image Credit: Andrew Winch Designs

Able to fly below 12,000 feet to ensure it is not pressurized, passengers can enjoy stunning views from the open air viewing decks and would be able to fly over urban areas, mountain landscapes and even uncharted territories. Transparent flooring in some parts of the airship will facilitate views of what lies underneath, sure to provide a spectacular experience.

The aircraft has been designed in a way that will allow it to be capable of on and off landing from land and water. It is fuel efficient, with lightweight composites in the frame and outer skin minimizing drag.

The plans surrounding this unique form of transport may seem ambitious, but Andrew Winch Designs claim that the airship could be airborne within 10 years of the first order.