Guide to Belize

Best places to have…

Freshly butchered meat
Trey’s Barn & Grill

Whether it’s a chop, burger, steak or wing, Trey’s Barn & Grill has your meat of choice. Butchered down the road at proprietor Tre Roberson’s uncle’s cattle ranch, the Belizean meat hails from free-range animals and is grilled by Roberson himself. Ariadna, his wife and co-owner, serves lunch and is the mastermind of the Barn & Grill’s catering, vegan options and mason jar salads, which are sold around the country. Beloved by both tourists and locals — and only open on weekends — it’s a superb stop for both carnivores and herbivores.

+501 822 2276

Seafood with a twist
Bistro at Maya Beach Hotel

Australian-American couple John and Ellen Lee worked their way through nearly two dozen countries before landing in Belize. Together they’ve created an open-air restaurant with an experimental Belizean-French menu featuring tasty concoctions such as lobster bread pudding with a vanilla-brandy bisque, leek flan with grilled conch and bacon-syrup drizzle, as well as the popular cacao-spice-rubbed pork  chop. The Bistro boasts a robust wine list including a crisp Gewürztraminer and a pair of very distinct Rieslings—one French, one German.

+501 533 8040,

Fine dining in a casual space
Crave House of Flavour

Reservations don’t really exist at Crave, chef Alejandro Mendez’s playground of tastes. Set in a space with laid-back decor, the restaurant features an enlightened and delightful menu that changes every single day. Some standout dishes, like the in-season carrots and ginger soup and a very traditional Italian-sausage risotto, may make you question if the chef is of long-lost Italian descent. The baby-back pork ribs in honey-cola BBQ sauce are downright whimsical. And Mendez is more than happy—excited, in fact—to cater to any food allergies or dietary restrictions.

+501 602 0737

Breakfast with the birds
Running W Steakhouse and Restaurant

Keel-billed toucans, purple martins, yellow warblers, blue-gray tanagers and social flycatchers are often featured guests at Running W, in the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. A massive ivy-covered tree at least five stories tall grows near the outdoor dining area and is a favored perch for birds and iguanas alike, depending on the time of day. Each morning, for its Breakfast with the Birds, the restaurant lists its neotropical spottings so diners can keep an eye out while sipping their almond-milk lattes. Order the crispy fry jacks or fresh-baked johnnycakes, two Belizean breakfast specialties.

+501 824 2034,

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