Grant Macdonald Designs Unique Centrepiece for Harrods

Grant Macdonald centrepiece bowlHarrods ‘Made With Love’ exhibition, launching in August 2014, is a celebration of the design skill and craftsmanship of Britain’s most luxurious brands.

Grant Macdonald, London’s finest silversmiths, have designed and produced a one-off centrepiece bowl, in honour of the exhibition.

By looking to the past, present and future for inspiration, the sterling silver and 24 carat gold plated centrepiece is produced in London using centuries-old silversmithing techniques and state of the art computer technology. The precise and innovative form of this centrepiece is a testament to British craftsmanship and handled with care, it will last for generations.

A master of his craſt, Grant has built a team of expert silversmiths and award-winning designers at his London based workshop.

“My craftsmen are some of the most accomplished silversmiths in the world and take pride in their workmanship, creating the most exquisite pieces of art,” said silversmith and designer Macdonald.

“I believe that making exclusive pieces is also about rarity: There are not too many people in the world that make this quality of work,” he added.

London has long been synonymous with silversmithing and is the home of Goldsmiths’ Hall, where hallmarking began in 1327. In this city where the iconic, historic and contemporary collide on every street corner Grant Macdonald are honoured to produce this piece for Harrods, which captures the city’s style and heritage. The centrepiece is unique, and only one will be made. It carries the London Assay Mark as a sign of authenticity.

The Grant Macdonald boutique is located on the 2nd Floor, in Luxury Room 4, Harrods.