Get on Board with Lynx Fitness

Lynx fitness 2You have your pick of the most exquisite luxuries the world has to offer—a little black dress from the Chanel, a round on the Old Course at St Andrews Links or a winning hand of baccarat at the Casino de Monte-Carlo—but even someone with your discriminating taste never seems to have enough time to work out.

Introducing the Lynx Board, the world’s most advanced friction-based fitness system that not only burns more calories than a treadmill or step aerobics , but gives you the gift of time—a full-body workout in as little as 15 to 20 minutes a day, whether you’re in Paris, London, Madrid or the comfort of your own home.

Developed by world class athletes, the Lynx Board is elegantly simplistic, yet represents years of research and development into kinesiology, or the science of human movement.

With no moving parts to break, no costly add-ons to buy and no complicated routines to learn, the Lynx Board is ideal for your busy lifestyle.

Lynx Fitness 1The secret is the patented friction technology that uses your own weight to provide counter resistance as your body glides in rhythmic precision along the specially engineered surface.

In a recent study, the Lynx Board was found to significantly improve core musculature endurance and strength. Researchers concluded that both static and functional core strength can be improved by training with the Lynx Board.

Lynx Fitness 3Contrary to what most people think, the core is not just defined by your abdominal muscles.  The core refers to your back, pelvis and shoulder girdle, the four bones that support the muscles and ligaments in your shoulders.

When your core is strong, you have better balance for sports or just going about your daily routine.  You are also less prone to injuries and suffer fewer aches and pains.

With the Lynx Board, you can choose from convenient options to best suit your dynamic lifestyle—The Lynx Home/Studio Board, which can be tucked flat under a bed when you are not using it, or The Lynx Travel Board, which can be easily stowed in an overhead compartment or aboard your private jet or yacht.

Imagine yourself on the bow of your majestic yacht in Bora Bora as you glide in meditative solitude on your Lynx Board while the sun slowly melts away into the exotic waters around you.

Are you ready to Get on Board?