Flying Cars Are Closer Than You Think

Russian manufacturer Kalashnikov Concern (of machine gun fame) has just released a video showcasing its latest invention – a fully-electric flying car. Powered by batteries located underneath the driver’s seat, the car works by utilizing sixteen rotors, with a similar design to that of drones.

The car is controlled by two joysticks, giving users complete control of vertical and horizontal movement. While the video currently shows the vehicle in its early stages, it is expected that they will soon be utilized across both military and private transport sectors in the coming year.

The news comes months after Volvo announced its purchase of Terrafugia (one of the world’s leading flying car start-ups) back in May. As well as Slovakian manufacturer AeroMobil predicting their flying car will be available for delivery in 2020 (with a price tag of $1.3 million to $1.6 million).

While there seems to be several manufacturers vying for the title of first company to produce the world’s first flying car, it is believed that Google’s co-founder Larry Page may be the man to finally crack the Jetsons-esque mode of transport.


Page has been funding the super-secretive company known as Zee.Aero, who are believed to be close to manufacturing a working vertical take-off landing aircraft, meaning the car would be capable of taking off without the need for a runway.

However AeroMobil’s flying car is currently touted as the only publicly available car capable of working on the road and the skies. With other companies such as Airbus and Pal V both working on producing commercial vehicles that combine characteristics of a car and a plane.

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